Monday, July 14, 2008

Flood & Swift Water Training

This past weekend- July 11th -13th, BDARRT once again offered their popular Flood & Swift water training course. We had a great group of about 29 individuals join us at Green Acres Ranch on the Sibun River. The course included such topics as : Characteristics of swift water; hazards of swift water common judgmental mistakes for rescuers; learning the purposes of a Personal Floatation Device or PFD; the different types of life jackets or PFD’s; learning about the correct gear for a swift water rescue, learning about “Strainers” and how to retrieve an injured patient from a strainer and also how to cross a patient on a fast flowing & deep river.

The first two days were spent in the Sibun River learning rope rescue techniques, finding and recovering an injured person in very strong current, using the resources and materials available to the rescuers, learning about currents and night time search & rescues. Hypothermia was one of the main topics covered in the course.

The main idea of the courses is not only to sit down in a classroom and take notes on the different aspects that are being taught but to actually learn a new technique, the reasons for this particular technique and then getting out on the river and practicing that over and over until everyone has acquired the technique and skills.

We appreciate the kind contributions sent especially with food items- a heartfelt "thank you" to NEMO (Belmopan Headquaters). Other individuals and businesses also contributed with cash donations- again "thank you". Ian Anderson & Caves Branch for the use of their jungle bus and Green Acres Ranch for the use of their jungle facility.

We will be announcing another course in the weeks to come.......